Sunday, July 28, 2013

Previews II.

So I've been inspired by another creator to make a Norwegian "Dragon Style" home.  Looking at his source materials for a WIP, my mind got working about some "creative" architectural solutions, and I just had to build one myself.  

I believe I've got the exterior finished up to a point that I'm happy.  

As this is supposed to be a water front lot, I'm torn on what side to call the front. The shore side is the show-y side, and the road side is the more back side.  But I've made another side the actual formal entry side, so I really don't know... 

The entry side also has a nice winding path that leads down to nowhere.  I think I vowed a few weeks ago never to make paths or drives that curve on a slope.  "Vowing" means to do the opposite, right?

The road side is a bit less formal, with the parking and the basement entrance.  There are a total of five doors that lead out of the house, not counting the three on balconies.  Obviously up to fire code.

Plenty of living areas across four floors.  Clocks in with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.  I wish I had some less Asian dragons to put on the roof, but I'm imagining them to be terrifying Nordic, medieval looking things.  And so should you.

Now, I'm gonna drag my feet doing the interiors... as is tradition. 

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