Monday, August 5, 2013

Previews IV.

I really like to build churches.  I'm not sure why, but I do.  So what better than one of those classic New England, brick Colonial Revival kinds?  This was actually particularly more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  Of course, there's the five floor limitation, but I struggled much with getting the scale decent. While you can always CFE walls to great heights, the window placement on them stays at a default level.  Anywho, I happy with how it ended up.  And I got clever with my buttresses.  :P

Pictures are in my perpetual WIP world, which is also rather New England-y.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Previews III.

So I made another Dragestil (Dragon Style) home.  I put it with my "Concept Cottage Collection".  It's Model #22.  

Tiny 20x15 lot, so I stacked things up.  The roof beams didn't work out as nicely as the other, but good enough.  I think it's 'cause the roof pieces start at the same point, but who am I to try and decipher Sims 3 quirks. 

So I've currently got this sucker in the queue at MTS, and in my lot description, I've determined that there were 12 concept homes.  So yay, more building!

I love that room.

Previews II.

So I've been inspired by another creator to make a Norwegian "Dragon Style" home.  Looking at his source materials for a WIP, my mind got working about some "creative" architectural solutions, and I just had to build one myself.  

I believe I've got the exterior finished up to a point that I'm happy.  

As this is supposed to be a water front lot, I'm torn on what side to call the front. The shore side is the show-y side, and the road side is the more back side.  But I've made another side the actual formal entry side, so I really don't know... 

The entry side also has a nice winding path that leads down to nowhere.  I think I vowed a few weeks ago never to make paths or drives that curve on a slope.  "Vowing" means to do the opposite, right?

The road side is a bit less formal, with the parking and the basement entrance.  There are a total of five doors that lead out of the house, not counting the three on balconies.  Obviously up to fire code.

Plenty of living areas across four floors.  Clocks in with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.  I wish I had some less Asian dragons to put on the roof, but I'm imagining them to be terrifying Nordic, medieval looking things.  And so should you.

Now, I'm gonna drag my feet doing the interiors... as is tradition. 

Monday, March 11, 2013


Made Roger de Montsimquiou.  He's generically handsome and not particularly unique.  It's rather difficult to make a mustachioed, dark-haired man that doesn't remind one of Freddie Mercury somehow.

Anyhow, posed with Paul.  Aw...

I had to MasterController Roger's last name (it was too long) in and then tweak their relationship.  With Roger a proper snob and Paul socially awkward, I wasn't having any luck the normal way.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Previews I.

My recreation interpretation of Gaudi's Casa El Capricho is wrapping up nicely.

It's looking all swank in Monte Vista, though that Tuscan sun gives it such a glow.  I never played MV very much, so I was quite surprised when I found a 50x50 lot and the house fit so perfectly!  It was almost like I had made it for that exact location.  Crazy.  

The story will only be marginally connected to the house, but then I can't just build looney bins from now on!

Another stop for the story will be the Basilica di San Stefano.

Prior to this most recent simming, I'd been playing quite a bit of the Assassin's Creed series, getting caught up some.  I might have been inspired some by Florence architecture.  You can visit the church, get married, and do a leap of faith into a pile of hay.  Like normal people do.  

The ceiling is only painted for the picture.  I can't seem to paint them without horribly messing stuff up and getting floating tiles all over the place.  Anywho, only part of the interior done at the moment.

Working on sims from the Lovers' Rendezvous back story, as well. Paul Miderot is coming together.

Of course, he was making this face the whole time I was trying to take pics...

Which is oddly, very appropriate.